Rosemary Lieberman

Rosemary’s training expertise is with older adults who desire to live in health and wellness. Her training focuses on balance, flexibility and strength.  She has been teaching yoga and senior fitness classes for almost 15 years. Having a desire to focus more on the individual, she became certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sport Medicine (NASM).  

“My greatest reward is seeing someone having a healthier, more rounded lifestyle as a result of our work together.  We’re all living longer lives these days, but that is only beneficial if those extra years let us enjoy each day fully and with joy.”

Joseph Magana

Joseph has a passion for knowledge and has worked with many personal trainers and physicians throughout his education in order to hone his skills in working with a variety of clients. In addition to working with older individuals he has worked with clients living with, COPD, arthritis, cancer, the effects of a stroke and Parkinson’s disease. He is a certified medical assistant and is certified as a Personal Trainer with National Association of Sport Management (NASM). He is also certified for Schwinn Power Cycling, TRX Functional Training and Beyond the Norm Special Population Personal Training.

“I love working with my clients and helping them learn that anything is possible with determination and a positive attitude.  My basic background in medicine aids in my work with clients and I will not stop learning because life never stops teaching.”

Lara Ohlinger

Lara enjoys working with clients of all levels of fitness and draws on her experience from various settings to offer personalized training to help clients achieve their goals. In the past, she has worked at private gyms, elementary, middle and high schools, community colleges and with inmates at the California Youth Authority.  Lara utilizes multi-joint functional movements as the foundation of most training sessions but will utilize various techniques, or exercise selection to tailor the session to the client. In addition to being certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sport Management (NASM), Lara has a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on Kinesiology from Azusa Pacific, a teaching credential in Kinesiology from UCLA, and a B.A. in Kinesiology from CSUN. She also holds certificates in water safety instruction, first aid/ CPR, and as a Spinning Instructor.

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