The Importance of Balance

As we age, our muscles and bone mass decrease and the senses that guide balance and kinetic awareness, which includes vision and touch, may start to deteriorate. Fortunately, as with the mind and muscles, loss of balance does not have to be an inevitable part of aging. Good balance skills are essential in activities in everyday life regardless of age or fitness level. People sharpen their balance skills, and help to restore what has been lost, simply by incorporating fitness with basic yet specific stabilization exercises into their life.

The Balance & Beyond home care format works to improve balance, joint stabilization, coordination and overall kinesthetic awareness in a simple, gentle and safe 30-minute session. Our certified professional trainers provide comprehensive personal sessions based on the individual’s lifestyle needs and capabilities. They provide balance-training activities to build stability while also improving strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness levels.

Approximately one-third of the elder population over the age of 65 falls each year, and the risk of falls increases proportionately with age. Over half of seniors over 80 fall annually and those who fall are two to three more times as likely to fall again. Among older adults, falls are the number one cause of fractures, hospital admissions for trauma, loss of independence and injury related deaths.

In-Home Balance Training – Individual

The Balance & Beyond In-home training is designed to help you improve your balance, stability and strength in the privacy and safety of your own home.

Your trainer will assess your current capabilities and design a customized program just for you. As your stability and endurance increase, we’ll add movements and exercises that continue to build your fitness level and help you to increase your energy and become even more active and independent.

Individual sessions & multiple session discounted packages available. Contact us for more information.

Small Group Balance Training

Balance & Beyond offers balance and stability training for small groups such as couples, groups of friends and in Senior living or Senior center environments.

When working with groups, our trainers will assess the overall group fitness level and provide activities that can be performed at different levels based on individual abilities.

Ask us about individual group session and multiple group session package pricing

Small Groups at The Sports Academy

Balance & Beyond is now offering balance and stability training for small groups at The Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks.

The Sports Academy group session times are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 p.m. Call today for more information. 805.559.5009.

Sports Academy Packages Available

Payment in the form of cash or a personal check is due at the time of service. We require 24 hours notice if you should need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

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