I Believe in Balance & Beyond

Why Balance & Beyond? Many people have asked me why I decided to start this business adventure and my “why” is very simple, and important to me. My passion is to help my clients live the more fulfilled life that they all deserve. I enjoy connecting with people and sharing my knowledge of physical activity, and I believe this is something I do well.

I believe you can change your body’s movement patterns with just a little help and determination. Opening a client’s eyes to an exercise they can do, no matter their skill level, and witnessing the rise in confidence, makes all the difference in the world. The increased confidence the client receives after completing customized balance, strength, & stabilization exercises gives me such joy. Knowing I can and have changed the quality of life for an individual reminds me why I get out of bed in the morning – to go out and do something of value. But for me, it does far more than that.