Balance is the Foundation

By Leslie Folkes

As a personal trainer and health educator, I work with many older adults. One of the challenges I’m often faced with is getting them started on a regular exercise routine. This is often a challenge for trainers working with all age groups, however, I feel older adults demonstrate a clearer understanding that more activity means better health.

So why do we not see more Senior’s committing to exercise routines? I think older adults believe exercising will have a positive impact on their health but their personal barriers to exercise, such as fear of the unknown or comfort in their current daily routine, prevail as the stronger influence.

Poor balance and stabilization are barriers that should not be ignored. Most of us take balance for granted. We take a fall and usually shake it off and keep moving, but when an older adult falls, there are often more serious consequences such as strains or even broken bones.

A structured balance and stabilization training program designed to gently challenge each individual helps reduce falls and leads to more confidence in everyday movement and posture. Gaining confidence will slowly break down the barriers to regular exercise that many are experiencing. Exercises that target joint stabilization as well as the proprioceptive benefits of balance are easy, fun and rewarding.

Balance and stabilization are the foundation of the body’s movement. When we have this solid foundation we then can continue move more freely and enjoy life!