The Importance of Balance

As we age, our muscles and bone mass decrease and the senses that guide balance and kinetic awareness may start to deteriorate. Fortunately, as with the mind and muscles, loss of balance does not have to be an inevitable part of aging. The Balance & Beyond home care format works to improve balance, joint stabilization, coordination and overall kinesthetic awareness in a simple, gentle and safe 30-minute session. Our certified professional trainers provide comprehensive personal sessions based on the individual’s lifestyle needs and capabilities.

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Maintaining Balance, Stability and Strength are Key to Remaining Independent

Balance & Beyond is a network of certified professional personal trainers with a passion for fitness, healthy lifestyles, self-empowerment and community. We are focused on helping people improve their balance, stability and strength. When you or your loved one receive our in-home training, you are building a foundation for long-term functional fitness and the ability to continue your daily activities and maintain independence, well-being and a high quality of life while aging with vitality.

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Achula Jindal

76 years young

"I was sedentary due to an injury and did not think I would ever be active again. I started working with Leslie and learned how I could retrain not only my muscles but also my brain to regain my stability and feel confident enough to do even more. Today I walk for 45 minutes, 4 days a week and I have more energy & feel great!"

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I Believe in Balance & Beyond

Why Balance & Beyond? Many people have asked me why I decided to start this business adventure and my “why” is very simple, and important to me. My passion is to help my clients live the more fulfilled life that they all deserve. I enjoy...

Why Assessments on Balance & Stabilization Are Important

Assessments will help identify weaknesses and evaluate progress, helping each client to meet their goals. Every client brings their own capabilities and limitations. There is not a typical senior client and seniors are motivated to exercise for many reasons. Some are looking for general health...

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